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烏克蘭製Beaver Craft雕刻套裝 (一套20 工具) 配有刀具座

  • 產地:   烏克蘭 🇺🇦
    Origin: Ukraine 🇺🇦


    豪華烏克蘭製Beaver Craft雕刻套裝 (一套20 工具) 配有刀具座
    烏克蘭製🇺🇦 雕刻套裝;一套20工具; 採用了高碳鋼刀片;足以應付簡單到複雜的雕塑; 左或右撇子也可使用
    售價: $2,180


    Beaver Craft Large Wood Carving Tool Set with 20 Tools (Toolbox included) 
    The set includes 20 tools; Designed for a wide range of woodcarving techniques; Easy Handle from simple carving designs to intricate whittling projects. Suitable for left and right-handers
    Price: HKD 2,180
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    📞WhatsApp: 64256080


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