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瑞典製造Casström 磨刀膏

  • 呢三支野, 究竟係乜東東❓❓ 磨刀膏,有冇聽過?🤔🤔


    🇸🇪瑞典製造Casström 採用瑞典最好的磨料,令刀刃鋒利外, 仲可以達到極細膩度。

    磨刀膏一套三支,包括 粗、中、精細砂礫級數。


    🇸🇪 Swedish Strop Paste from Casström is high-quality and premium sharpening compound professionally made to enhance the sharpness of every knife. Designed to obtain a razor-sharp edge, it is made in Sweden and with 3 grit options available: coarse, medium, and fine. 


    For heavy sanding and stripping, you need coarse grit;
    Medium grip: recommended grit for final stage of most knives; and
    Fine: often cited as finishing treatment after the above two steps.

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