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美國製 Otter Wax 全天然 皮革護理套裝 (100% Nature Wax Leather Care Kit)

  • 真皮皮革要細心護理和保養,否則皮革表皮層好易脫落! 🙈🙈


    美國製 🇺🇸 Otter Wax 皮革護理套裝 (Wax Leather Care Kit) , 配有超柔軟的 100% 純棉法蘭絨布 以全天然成份製造, 當中包括4步驟


    1) SADDLE SOAP – 用了全天然蜂蠟🐝,橄欖香皂和精油溫和地清潔,保護和恢復皮革

    2) LEATHER SALVE – 用包含了保濕度高的乳木果油和巴西棕櫚蠟成份的皮膏,把皮革恢復柔軟和光澤

    3) WAX BOOT - 採用含油豐富的紅花油及強化維他命E的皮油,深層光澤、滋潤、保護所有類型的皮革

    4) LEATHER OIL- 選用蜂蠟和羊毛脂混合防水護理,令密封蠟更持久, 可提升高密度防水和密封作用


    全套售價: $450



    1) Tampico brush以墨西哥特產植物製成,質地較硬,但又不會損壞皮革或帆布表面,建議用於清理污垢 (售價: $55)

    2) Horsehair brush, 柔軟細緻,配皮蠟,為皮革拋光至高光澤 (售價: $55)


    Leather Care Tips to Prevent Damage and Ruins


    The Otter Wax (Wax Leather Care Kit) are made in U.S.A. 🇺🇸naturally is for leather and fabric products to enhance its quality after application with the following 4 steps


    Step 1 SADDLE SOAP - contains beeswax🐝 and olive oil soap to effectively clean and repair leather, giving it a good condition to be ready for salving;

    Step 2 LEATHER SALVE - apply shea butter and Brazil carnauba wax to make the leather comfortably soft and noticeable shinny;

    Step 3 WAX BOOT - enrich with safflower oil and enhanced Vitamin E to nourish and color any hard leather; and

    Step 4 LEATHER OIL - the final treatment to waterproof the leather with beeswax and lanolin, adding the longevity of lifespan of a leather.

    Whole set price: HKD 450.00


    Additionally complete the purchase:

    1) Tampico brush (HKD55), made of Mexican plants, hard and effective to clean, reliable and easy to manage.

    2) Horsehair brush (HKD55), soft and designed for mirror shine your exclusive leather to reach a perfect result.




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