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美國🇺🇸Firebox 煤氣爐頭含鈦元素 Wood Flame Gas Burner & Titinium Ember Glow Diffuser

  • 美國🇺🇸 Firebox 煤氣爐頭,賣點多多:


    1) 配備Firebox 圓形擴散器,分散熱量, 使較大的平鍋子或平底鍋🍳能均勻受熱,不只集中於單單受熱,以防過熱燒焦;

    2) 可調節火焰高低🔥, 藍色火焰:大範圍煮沸或烹飪,橙色火焰:用用慢煮,火焰較小;

    3) 穩固爐身,避免火源搖擺不定。


    名: 美國🇺🇸Firebox 煤氣爐頭含鈦元素

    重量: 250g

    火力: 2100W

    擴散器直徑: 2cm

    售價: $490

    (可加 $120 購買Firebox 煤氣爐頭固定支條)


    USA🇺🇸 Firebox Wood Flame Gas Burner & Titinium Ember Glow Diffuser has numerous advantages:


    1) The Titanium Ember Glow Diffuser disperses heat for more even pan cooking🍳;

    2) Customize your flame🔥, from fast blue for cooking to slow red for ambience. Also helpful for high elevation tuning; and

    3) Clicks into place on all Firebox Stoves.


    USA 🇺🇸 Firebox Wood Flame Gas Burner & Titanium Ember Glow Diffuser

    Gas Burner Weight:250g

    Output: 2100W

    Diffuser Dimensions: 2cm

    Price: HKD 490.00

    Gas Burner Mounting Pins is additionally priced at HKD 120.00



    📌Place order: ⠀⠀⠀

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    📞WhatsApp: 64256080

    🏠觀塘成業街19-21號成業工業大廈,5樓26室 (觀塘地鐵站B2出口,見到馬會,跟住轉左步行2分鐘就到啦)

    🏠Visit Unit 26, Level 5, Shing Yip Industrial Building, 19-21 Shing Yip Street, Kwun Tong, Kowloon


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