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AHU 100% 人手和純天然相思木🌳 砧板

  • Country of origin: made in Thailand


    Item: AHU Cutting board made in Acacia Wood🌳 and full handmade; Uniqueness and Ultralight; Hard and Rich in Color Wood; Design to fit in Mess tin


    名: AHU 100% 人手和純天然相思木🌳 砧板; 輕巧和獨特; 紋路美麗且質地堅硬; 不易吸收水氣和發霉; 優質戶外廚具

    尺寸: 12 x 18cm

    重量: 128g

    Size: 12 x 18cm

    Weight: : 128g

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