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Otter Wax 全天然 寵物香膏 Paw Protector Pad Balm (100% Nature)

  • 愛護寵物🐱🐹的你千萬唔好錯過 ,寵物掌心和鼻子會因為天氣轉變而乾燥破損,美國製🇺s Otter Wax 寵物香膏採用全天然成份製造,有助滋潤保護寵物掌心和鼻子作用,可保護牠免受雪冰、沙塵、沙子或礫石等產生惡劣影響。


    產地: 美國製🇺s

    名: Otter Wax Paw Protector Soothing Pad Balm寵物香膏

    售價: $110


    Pet person🐱🐹 will definitely needs this Balm from Otter Wax: Its main use is to create a protective layer to protect and moisturize a pet’s nose and paws from vulnerability as well as from extreme weather, dusts, sands and rocks.


    Country of Origin: U.S.A. 🇺s

    Name: Otter Wax Paw Protector Soothing Pad Balm

    Price: HKD 110



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