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Roselli 小廚刀 Small Chef Knife

  • 產地: 芬蘭
    Origin: Finland


    名: Roselli 小廚刀 ; 非常適合各種烹飪、切肉🍗、菜; 手柄由捲曲樺木製成,塗有亞麻籽油,即使在潮濕的情況下也能牢固地使用


    材料: 碳鋼
    總長度: 25cm
    刀片長度: 13.5cm
    刀厚: 2mm
    重量: 175g
    售價: $1380


    Item: Roselli Small Chef Knife ; Great for all kinds of cooking and chopping🍗; Comes with a knife rack in birch


    Material: High carbon tool steel (high hardness and good corrosion resistance)
    Total Length: 25cm
    Blade length: 13.5 cm
    Blade thickness: 2mm
    Weight: 175g
    Price: HKD 1,380.00

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