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Roselli 祖母刀 細小全功能短刀

  • 細細把 芬蘭製 🇫🇮 Roselli 祖母刀 非常的骰、輕便; 輕裝一流 可隨身攜帶; 露營⛺、野餐、釣魚🐟、旅行可用


    原產地: 芬蘭製造

    名: Roselli 祖母刀 細小全功能短刀; 峰利方便攜帶; 非常的骰、輕便;

    長度: 14.5cm

    刀厚: 3mm

    重量: 55g

    材料: High carbon tool steel (極硬,抗腐蝕性良好)

    售價: $980


    Country of origin: made in Finland

    Item: Grandmother knife, Small and handy; smaller all-round knife

    Length: 14.5cm

    Blade thickness: 3mm

    Weight: 55g

    Material: High carbon tool steel (high hardness and good corrosion resistance)

    Price: HKD 980.00



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