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Roselli 祖父刀 連特別馴鹿皮毛套

  • 原產地: 芬蘭製造
    名: Roselli 祖父刀 連特別馴鹿皮毛套, 捲樺木叢林短刀; 峰利方便攜帶
    長度: 18cm
    刀厚: 3mm
    重量: 95g
    材料: High carbon tool steel (極硬,抗腐蝕性良好)
    Country of origin: made in Finland 
    Item: Grandfather knife, special sheath; Curly Birch/Scandi Bushcraft; Survival
    Length: 18cm
    Blade thickness: 3mm
    Weight: 95g
    Material: High carbon tool steel (high hardness and good corrosion resistance)
    Additional videos in this picture.
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    Visit Shop A1, 2/F, O2O Mall, Manning Industrial Building, Kwun Tong, Kowloon
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